Honestly I cant think of anything more annoying than getting into a really good, gripping TV show to find out that its been cancelled. I recently got into a show which had a really interesting plot, had really lovable characters as well as relating to real life issues. It was a wonderful programme that I binge watched for about five days only to find out that there's no season two! What is it with American TV companies and deciding to cancel half of the good TV shows out there? I swear if anyone even thinks about cancelling Game Of Thrones or Arrow I will seriously hurt someone!! So I thought to vent my frustration towards American TV companies, I'd share some of my favourite TV shows that have been cancelled. (YESSS Top Five is backkk)

5. The Tomorrow People - I think this was on Netflix at some point so I started to watch it. Obviously it being science fiction made me want to watch it even more so I decided to give it ago and I really enjoyed. It was really full of drama and excitement and I was excited for season two only to find out it had been cancelled. I swear it should be illegal for Netflix to show TV programmes that have been cancelled.

4. Terra Nova - My family and I LOVED this show. Its set kind of in the future where the worlds overpopulated and dying so they send people back in time (or to some sort of parallel universe) where they build a society and have to fight dinosaurs. It had an amazing cliff-hanger at the end of season one which will forever remain a mystery.

3. Red Band Society - This was the show I was talking about at the introduction!! Its such a cute show set in a children's ward at a LA hospital. Two of the kids have cancer, one has cystic fibrosis, one needs a heart transplant and another has anorexia. Its narrated from a Charlie's perspective (he's in a coma). I know its sounds really morbid and depressing but its actually really uplifting even though it does show how horrible these diseases are. Seriously, because of this show as soon as I turn 18 I'm becoming an organ donor. That's how great it was.

2. Starcrossed - Okay, this is defiantly more of girly show. It starts with this alien race landing on earth because their planet has been destroyed. They live on earth in a small area that is just a terrible place to live mainly because we want to get rid of them. So as part of a plan to integrate them into society, five of them go to a normal high school. Alien boy meets human girl blah blah blah. Its a really lovely TV show which ended on such a cliff-hanger!!! We will never know if they stay together. Or if we get invaded by the alien race. So many questions CW!!

1. Rookie Blue - It actually makes me so sad to add this to my list. This was hands down my second favourite TV show (after GoT duh). Its set in police station in Canada around these Rookies and there training officers. I love this show because even though you do get to follow the cases that they're involved in, the show focuses more on their personal lives and their friendships and relationships with the other officer. I mean the ending of the last season did answer most of our question and leave it in a good place. I mean I'm so happy Sam and Andy got married (OTP) and they found out who set off the bomb but there are still some questions I want answered. I mean does Gail adopt Sophie, what about Dov and Chloe and what happens to Tracey after she discovers Steve set off the bomb?? I mean if ABC would like to email the answers to my questions, I would be very grateful.

So these are my favourite TV shows that shouldn't have been cancelled. Let me know what TV show you'd love to bring back from the dead in the comments. I mean I do really want to know what happens in Star-crossed but its got to be Rookie Blue. I mean I didn't see that show being cancelled.

Speak to you soon,
Love Georgie xxx


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