So as of a about a week ago, I'm officially and adult (I know scary). To be honest I was a bit scared. I thought because I turned 18 my childhood would be instantly over and that was it for me. I mean I'm one of the first in our group to turn 18 (which means my age will be abused by most people) so I expected that everyone thought I'd be so much more mature because I was an 'adult' but the truth is that I don't feel any different. Actually I feel like have so much more freedom to do whatever I want because everyone treats me like and adult. I know that sounds weird but I feel that be have everyone treats me like a grown up I have more freedom (except for stupid people at college). I think that sounds pretty stupid so I'm just going to get on with what I did and some of my beauty related gifts. 

So to start off the day I got two Benefit make up sets from my parents. I got the 'Life of the Party' set and a cute little perfume set as well. I chose the life of the party because I was really excited to try the mascara and the benetint as I've heard so many good reviews about these products and I also loved the eye shadow colours especially 'Nude Swings' which is a sparkley copper shade. I've never owned any benefit products so I LOVED this set. I was so impressed by the mascara as it defiantly lives up to everyone's expectations. The one item that really impressed me was the Porefessional. This is the best primer I've ever owned as you're foundation stays on all day which I love. The perfume set I love aswell. My favourite is 'Your place or my pace Gina'. I'm rubbish at describing perfume but it's really string and I think is better for a jig out but I wear it during the day. Another product I really loved, which I also got on my birthday, which was the L'oreal Blake collection in this beautiful bright red. I'm in love with this lipstick. It lasts all day (not exaggerating) even when I've eaten lunch and had it on the whole day through college and it's still on when I get home. I really want another one. 

So I did several things during the day. Two of my closest friends and my family went to a nice hotel and had a sort of afternoon tea. I mean I love cake and there was so much cake there so I was happy! It as a really lovely lunch with macaroons, scones, cupcakes, brownies, carrot cake, croissants and of course my hungry caterpillar cake as well as more cake and cute little sandwiches, crips and unlimited tea and coffe. It was lovely! Then in the evening, I think about 12 of my friends came over and we ordered pizza, ate really unhealthy food, played music and played just dance.... Yeah not my finest moment! Also can we just appreciate my cute pug cake! My dad won serious dad point for that one. 

So that's what I did for my birthday this year! Let me know what you guys did/have planned for your birthday in the comments below. 

Speak to you soon, 
Love Georgie xxx


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