Hey guys! Now, this may seem like a really weird title but I get asked this question all the time. As soon as someone asks what my plans are for the future and I tell them "well I'm going to study environmental science" they sort of look at me like it's not a real subject or its a degree for hippies. OK, first thing, yes environmental science is a real degree and its not just for hippies. It's also nothing like biology, its a completely different subject. So for those of you who don't know, environmental science is the study of the living planet and the organisms that live here. It also covers topics such as conservation of biodiversity, climate change and using renewable resources. There is also a businesses side to environmental science called environmental management which is advising councils and property developers on how to have the east impact on the environment. You can actually do so much with this subject which I find amazing. I'm really interested in the conservation side of this subject but I'm also really interested in climate change and how we can reduce the effects. So my plans are to do my undergraduate in Environmental Science and then do a masters in Wildlife and Conservation. To be honest, I'm not really 100% sure what I would do after that but I love the idea of conservation which is better than where I was last year. I was thinking of also doing a year in industry which will give me a better underatnsding with what I can do. So, I personally feel like this subject give me lots of opptunites and get into the field of work that I'm really interested in. I feel like I've go over the top with this but you won't believe the weird look I get from people when I tell them what I'm doing. Form now on I'm just going to direct people to this post so I don't have to repeat myself.

Speak to you soon, 
Love Georgie xxx


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