Hey guys! So I got his for my birthday from my parents and I thought that it would make a cute little present as it has smaller versions of Benefits most popular perfumes. I think the packaging is absoltley adorable and the bottles are so cute and the labels defiantly stand out. So the first perfume is the Graden of Good & Eva which is the green bottle. This is defiantly the sweetest of the three small inquire fruity and floral. This is defiantly the most girly and is perfect to wear everyday at school and college. the nest one is Laugh with Me Lee Lee which it the baby blue bottle. This one is the most floral. It's quite a string floral scent which could b worn during the day or if you're going out for an evening (it says in the bottle 'flirty' but I don't really know how a perfume can be flirty). The next one is my favourite shich is My Place Or Yours Gina which is the beautiful black bottle. I think the bottle is is the most beautiful and eye catching than the others, I mean I love the gold detailing. I think the smell is a lot stronger than the others so you need less of it and it's also quite floral, I think is is meant for nights out but I love it so much I wear it everyday! 

What's your favourite perfume set? Let me know in the comments below. 

Speak to you soon, 
Love Georgie xxx

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