Hey guys! I'm back and I'm doing a whole month of daily blogging for blogmas .... I know how exciting! so I thought I'd start of this month by saying .... I'm just not feeling Christmas yet. I know I know it's December 1st and we're all supposed to be putting up our Christmas trees but it just doesn't feel like Christmas. I mean in England the weather is cold, wet and just grey. I also find it really sad that when I get home from college at 4:30 its basically pitch black. Also my brother "borrowed" my waterproof so I having to make do with a hoodie and a leather jacket. I know, I have a wonderful brother.... NOT! Don't even get me started on the effect it's having on my bank balance. Mum and I brought dad a Kindle Fire and all the accessories which were quite expensive for an 18 year old girl who works at a particular sandwich shop. I feel like I also have to meet that with mum which is gonna mean double shifts over the Christmas period! Yay. I wanted to just hurt a few people that were wearing Christmas jumpers because to me, it's not Christmas until like the 15th of December. At the earliest. I really hate shops for having Christmas decoration available in October, just way would you do that. Maybe I just feel this way because my dad is the ultimate scrooge. Or maybe I'm just not feeling it this year. Who knows.

Are you guys excited about Christmas? Let me know in the comments.

Speak to you soon,
Love Georgie xxx

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