2015 has definatly been an .... Interesting year to say the least. It's the year my dreams were crushed by a bit of paper, had my life torn into a million pieces and had my life glued back together again multiple times. It doesn't feel like I'm less than four hours away from 2015 (but to me it still semester like 2011 was yesterday) but I'm actually quite glad this year is finally over. It's not been the best year of my life and next year can't get any worse. I mean I have had some amazing ups, I pave ,are the most amazing friends, got off my ass and got a job, and (most importantly) got front row at a Taylor Swift concert. But I feel the thing that's suffered this year is my blog. For the first year of its life I felt like it was my place to do whatever I wanted without any sort of judgement and now it's gone very down hill. Lots of my friends have found out about (more than intended) and I'm very conscious of the fact they're probably reading this. I'm also not feeling the motivation of it as much as I wasthis time last year. I've out so much time, money and effort into this seemly small space in the Internet but I'm just thinking that maybe it's past it's best. I am going to to carry in my blog so don't panic but I don't want to try so hard it seems fake. I'm not sure that makes sense but I want to show a part of me on this blog I can't show anyone else. And if I focus in uploading content constant rather than focusing on fewer blogposts but with content I love it will just blend in with everyother blog out there which is not what I want. Maybe the new year will bring a new lease of life to me and this little b,of that I'm so proud of. I now have over 400 followers for something that I didn't plan and created because it looked fun in an ICT lesson and I was bored at home. Even if the motivation isn't there I'm proud of how far my blog has come this year and I wanna do it justice. 

Hopefully I'll have a 2015 in picture for you soon (or something along those lines) so keep an eye out for it. 

What are you guys doing to celebrate the new year? I'm having a cosy night in with my mum and pizza. 

Speak to you soon, 
Love Georgie xxx