I've done some pretty interesting things last year. From blogpost I'm really proud of to my birthday to some experiences I'll never forget. I thought instead of writing a long winded post I don't even want to read, I'd post a few pictures summing up the best moments of 2015. 

My 18th birthday cake 

Seeing One Direction for the third time

The Game Of Thrones Exibiton in London 

Getting to the front of the 1989 world tour in London 

This isn't my image, but I was just so excited when Cara walked on stage!!! 

 Going to the Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball and seeing Little Mix and Coldplay 

This is my favourite photo that I've taken for a blogpost this year and for someone who doesn't know anything about photography, I think it's white impressive. 

I also had to mention that last April was the first birthday of my blog which I'm super proud of. 


Georgie xxx