Beauty Advice To My Younger Self

Hey guys! So I've made some seriously cringe worthy makeup disasters (as well as some major fashion one) and I thought I'd share them with you guys to major move on and laugh about my regrettable life choices ... Publically on the internet. Now I'm 18 so I'm still kind of young so when I say advice to my younger self, I mean the 11 or 12 year old me who thought she looked great by wearing makeup from those ridiculous children's makeup sets (we all know the owns I'm talking about). So here are my top three beauty mistakes of my childhood.

1. Bright coloured eyeshadow.
I have seen some people who can pull off bright eyeshadow and look amazing ... but not when your 11, have bright green (which is not my colour btw) up to your eyebrow and fallout everywhere to the point that it looks like you have a green bruise under your eye. Never a good look. Ever.

2. Over generous with the bronzer. 
Ok, so as a child I was unaware that bronzer was used to contour the face and decided to use it to make me look more tanned. Please, never do that. I thought I had a summer glow but instead I looked like a shimmery ompa lumpa that had had too much fun with a makeup brush.

3. Too much lipstick.
So when I got my first lipstick (which was a purple colour) I didn't really know was that less if better when it comes to lipstick. I mean I looked like I'd eaten some sort of purple icing and forgot to wipe it off my face because lets be real, there was more lipstick on my face than my lips.

So there are my top three mistakes of my childhood. I could write more for you guys but my sanity couldn't take anymore. I was cringing so much writing this because I looked awful. I mean I feel like my mother should of known better than to let me look like that.

What's your worst beauty mistake when you were younger? I feel like we should be embarrassed and laugh about this together in the comments.

Speak to you soon,
Love Georgie xxx


  1. HAHAH! Very nice. I agree that overdoing the bronzer is a no. I don't contour but I definitely use a light dusting of bronzer to make sure I don't look washed out. :)

    S .x

    1. Trust me ... It was never a good look