Hey guys! Long time no see right? So for the last month or so I made change in my life which have wanted to make for a while but finally made it. So I became vegetarian which I didn't think was a big deal but apparently it was. So I thought I'd answer some the dumb questions I get asked so I can just link these to my dumb friends instead of saying the same thing over again. 

So how do you get protein? 
Chickpeas, peanut butter, nuts, seeds (pumpkin, chia etc.), quinoa kale, tofu and more. 

Do you eat fish? 
No ... That would make me pescetarian fool.

Don't you miss bacon? 
Yeah, I miss eating a dead pig ... Not to mention that bacon is one of the fattiest meats which has also been linked to cancer. Yeah, I miss that. 

So when are you gonna stop eating rabbit food? 
Hopefully never. 

Why are you doing this? 
Because I care about the planet and everything on it. 

But meat tastes great. 
Actually I prefer the taste of Quorn more than actual meat and tbh I always have. 

Aren't you being inconvenient for you family? 
No, I'm not forcing my views down anyone else throat and I'm not being harsh about it. So I would't say I'm being inconvenient ... Considering it's a bigger inconvenient to animals #justsaying. 

So those are some of my favourites. I feel like red reading this it was a little bit harsh but I'm just get a bit annoyed at the judgement. For the record diet and exercise is you're choice. It's up to you its just that in my opinion this is better for me and the environment but it is up to you so please don't kill me. 

Speak to you soon, 
Love Georgie xxx


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