Ugh, isn't saying goodbye literally the hardest thing to do. In a matter days I'm going to be saying goodbye to some of closest friends and there's a chance I might never see them again. I'm staying at college to do a third year and all of my friends are going to uni. I mean I have other friends but I'm going to miss my group, I've been through the best and the worst times with them and it's gonna be quite quiet without them. But the problem is that Is that I don't know how to say this to their faces.... knowing me I'll probably give them a punch on the arm and tell them to get lost but that's not what I mean. I didn't actually think I was going to be that upset but I think the fact I should of being leaving this year too makes it even harder... like they're leaving me behind which sucks even more. In September everything going to change because I won't have the people that I have relied on so heavily  for the last few years and in some cases my whole life... it's going to be a huge change but the problem is I don't want to make that change. I guess I'm going to have to make this summer count and enjoy every bit of it because I'm not going to have any moments like that for or long time or maybe ever. I don't think I want to say goodbye to my friends. 

Sorry for making that depressing but I needed to get it off my chest or I might explode. I promise I have a review coming soon so look out for that. 

speak to you soon, 
love Georgie xxxx


  1. Saying goodbye to friends or people you loved in general is probably the most difficult and the saddest thing. I totally understand how you feel as I'm currently going though similar stage in life. I'm a bit scared of growing apart with the group of friends I've been with for almost all my life. We are all going to study different things at university and no longer spend that much time together. Well, fingers crossed uni has something fun to offer :D

    1. I hope so too ... I get where you're coming from because I've relied on them so Healy I'm scared of growin apart and making new friends. Hopefully we'lol both stay in contact with our friend groups xxx