So as an 18 year old stressed out student with anxiety, why does everyone think it's a good idea to ask me if I'm prepared for my results or asking how I did in my exams. I just nod and say that I'm hopeful but  in reality I'm terrified. I know I have to wait about a month to find out if my life is over but I got asked so many questions today and I felt like if I didn't get this off my chest it would build up causing me to explode a lot nearer the time. So for those of you who don't know I failed my last year at college (which I'm not really upset about, who loves maths anyway?) so I restarted and I chose subjects that I enjoy and that I want to study further... Which would make it so much harder if I were to fail because I really want to do well. Its already hard that all of my friends will be leaving and going to uni in less than two months and I don't want to be even more of a failure in their eyes. I mean they probably don't see me in that way but I still worry about it. I've come so far this year not just with the learny stuff but with my confidence and I've actually enjoyed school this year (which is defiantly the opposite of last year) so it would be a hair kick in the teeth to fail ... again. There's also the issue of always being compared to my younger brother. I don't hate him it's just he's very intelligent and I would never be able to live up to him if I fail twice. Ugh I don't even know where this is all coming from but I'm sick and tired of everyone reminding me the importance of three letters that will shape my future. I don't want to be constant reminded of that fact. If you're one of this people PLEASE STOP. It just gets people worked up for no reason and it's stupid. Don't be that person. I think that was what I was trying to say the whole post but I bit off that topics... the story of my life.

ah is are you preparing for results day or do you have any tips to keep this nervous 18 year old wreck some what calm. 

Speak to you soon, 
Love Georgie xxx


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