so I brought these  rushes about a month ago for about £20 from superdrug and I had very high expectations for these brushes because there is defiantly a lot of hype surrounding this brand. I really love pixiwoo and a lot of people had raveed about these brushed so I finally picked up the essentials set. If I'm being honest I defiantly don't use the brushes for the correct thing but who does. This set contains a bugging brush, a pointed foundation brush (which I don't use for foundation), a co tour brush and a small detail brush. I really love the foundation/buffer brush because it does give your face even coverage. I prefer brushes to sponges because they're so much easier to clean and I've also found that sponges go mouldy very quickly (might just be me) so it cheaper to use brushes. This brush defiantly gives coverage that rivals a sponge because it's not spread your or patchy and I love it. The pointed foundation brush is actually quite small so it would probably work better for conclear but I actually use it for highlighter because it's quite think it's makes it really easy to apply and blend out. However my favourite brush from this set is the contour brush. It makes it really easy to blend out and can make a contour look subtle or like you could cut someone with those cheek bones. Also can we just talk about how cute these brushes are. They are defiantly the best looking brushes I ever seen and they look a lot more professional than the other one so own. 

So do I think they are worth the hype or the price? Absolutely 110% these are best brushes I've ever brought and I will defiantly be buyin more from this brand and would 110% reccomend this set. 

have you ever tried the real technique brushes? let me know in the comments. 

speak to you soon, 
Love Georgie xxx


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