So I'm just going to put this out there, I think exams are stupid. They test your memory rather than your knowledge and understanding of your subject. Unfortunately, much to my beliefs in order to get to uni I have no choice in the matter. So results day was a few days ago and I was freaking out (internally obviously - never let them see you sweat!!) because ,much to my heartbreak, this year has been my backup plan as I didn't really want to fail my first year of college. I mean overall I was much happier with my subject choices and just with life in general but it still would of been nice to have passed with all of my friends. But anyway I thought I'd share my results and feelings because I have a few things to say about them that I maybe can't say out loud. So I got ABC (which is better than DUU which I got last). A in EPQ, B in geography and C in environmental studies. I'm over the moon with EPQ because I worked so hard on that but I was little bit disappointed with the other two. The truth is I had been getting A's in those subjects all year. Don't get me wrong, I could of gotten worse grades but I know that I could of done better. I want to study Environmental at uni so I would want at least a B. I feel like I worked so much harder than a C and to me that's disappointing. \Also completely off this subject, can we make it illegal to brag about your results/uni offers on facebook because when I failed last year that was the hardest part. If I care enough about you to want to know your results... I'll ask. Please don't rub it in because, like I said before, exams aren't a measure of intelligence. There are some people that crumble under the pressure but are super smart and have common sense. You are literally bragging about your memory. Ugh. Anyway, back onto what I was originally talking about, I didn't want to say these things to anyone because I'm happy I passed (finally) but it just sucks that I didn't get my ideal grades. I Ideally need BBB so I'm going to have to work even harder next year.

Were you guys happy with your results, let me know in the comments.

Speak to you soon,
Love Georgie xxx




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