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Heyyyyy guys! Ok so I've never done a TV show review but I thought I'd make an exception because I've never been so excited for a TV show. So anyone that knows me knows that I am a Rupauls Drag Race superfan. I've seen every season at least three times (I have a lot of free time and not a lot of friends) and I was so excited by the line up. So going into this I had pretty much made up my mind that I wanted Katya to win but I was also kind of rooting for Adore and Alaska as well. I knew it was going to be close because all the queens are so good and so talented.

So to start off lets talk about the entrance outfits. I'm just going to say I wasn't really a fan of Detox's look, it was just very meh to me and I think she could of done better. I didn't really like Coco's either because the hat was a huge distraction but I loved the mirror, I think it just shows she has a sense of humour and is making fun of her mistakes. I really like Phi Phi's look because I, a huge comic book nerd and the riddler is on of my favourite DC villains so I was super impressed. And her line linked with character which I loved. I was also a huge fan of Roxxxy's dress because that is something I would totally wear. I think it showed her figure nicely and it was just amazing. I also really liked Katyas outfit because it was a different version of her look from season 7 which I loved and it suited her Russian character very well. I also loved Adore outfit because it was, again something I would wear ( I'm either a gothy punk or super girly .... no inbetween). 

So moving in to the main challenge which was the talent show extravaganza. Andddd to make thing more interesting the winner gets eliminate another queen *gasp* which wasn't a huge shock because that was annoyed in the trailer. If you want people to be surpriSed actually surprise them (I know it's a difficult thing to understand). Anyway, first off, I think they were super harsh on Adore. I know they all (with a few exceptions) performed well but I think she deserved to be safe. Her voice is so good and I don't think her outfit was that bad. It reminded me of her black and white look for the advert challenge and she won that challenge. But anyway you can't please everyone, espically Michelle (like I love her but damn girl). I think Phi Phi and Coco deserved to be there because they were defiantly the weakest during the show. Personally, if I was Coco I would of done a fierce lipsync and she probably would of one. So moving on to the top two. I was surprised with Tatiana because (just like Phi Phi and Roxxxy's) I thought she was a bitch in her season and I was so happy when she was elimated and I was actually very surprised she wasn't like that in this season. When they said her talent was spoken word I was like 'well we know who's going' but I was surprised. Did she deserve to be in the top two and not Alaska .... Maybe not. I think that Roxxxy was deserving to win. She looked amazing during the show and she deserved to win that lipsync (which was to my queen Taylor ... omg I died) and I think she was very fair in her choice of elimation. I was very surprised she chose to play fairly and elimate the weakest queen and I did agree with her.... for once. I'm joking. I've been very suprised with Phi Phi and Roxxxy and I actually can't wait to see them being their non comeptive selves. 

Are any of you Drag race fans? If so what did you think of the first episode of All Stars 2? Also what was you favourite season (mine was season 6), let me know in the comments. 

speak to you soon, 
Love Georgie xxx


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