So, if any of you have read my recent blogposts (If you haven't I don't blame you) you might know that I've hit a slump with blogging recently. It got so bad that a few days ago I was ready to delete my blog and be done with it. I got as far as deleting my twitter account (that's I've reactivated). The problem is I used to read blogs and get inspiration from other bloggers. For example one of my favourite bloggers is Rachel Coco I've watch her become popular (in my eyes) and meet people through her blog. This made me want to be like her in a way and it pushed me to write more and I enjoyed it because I felt like I was part of a community. However, recently I haven't been doing these things and I started to think I was just writing these posts for myself and no one was reading them. In crawled self doubt and I started to think what's the point. If no ones reading my posts why bother. I'm never going to be like Rachel so why bother. I even got as far as deactivating (then reactivating) my twitter account. It took me a few days to realise that all the things I had previously said don't matter. Because the truth is I wanted to become a 'blogger' so badly that I was willing to post about things that didn't interest me and that is what got me down. I was also comparing myself to people and I realise now that I am my own person. I don't care if no ones reading I want to start writing things that I want to share and (in some cases) write about things I can't tell anyone. Things I can't say out loud to get things off my chest. So to all the small and new bloggers out there stop looking at the numbers. If you want o become the next Zoella then that's the wrong reason to start blogging. Don't get me wrong, that would be nice but if you have that attitude you will hate it and you will see blogging as a chore rather than something you love. Trust me. If I have learnt anything from my two years of blogging is that you should write your blog for you and on one else.

So this means I'm keeping my tiny space on the internet. I'm not going to be posting as often but I'm going put more effort in to my posts. This still means I'm going t be posting beauty  reviews because I love to do that (sorry if you hate that).

Have you ever hit a slump with blogging, let me know in the comments.

Speak to you soon,
Love Georgie xxx

p.s. Rachel, if your reading this I love you and your content girl and I hope that didn't come off as shadey.


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