Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed my last blogpost ... It was definalty a new one for me. So I wa thinking about some of my favourite blogposts I've done and I actually really enjoyed writing top five posts which I know sounds quite stupid because they're really simple. I was thinking how much my taste in music has changed and I've reached a point where I've accepted its weird and that I don't need to like chart music (Except for Taylor because she will always be my queen). I never know what to write in these intros so I'm just going to share my top five albums at this point in time and I hope I don't get judged. (Also please remember I'm 19 not 40).

5) Tango in the Night - FleetwoodMac. I'm actually a bit of a FleetwoodMac fan (thanks dad) and this is definalty my favourite album of theirs as it has my favourite track Seven Wonders. If you haven't heard it drop everything and listen to it it's such a great song and while you're at it get the album honestly you won't regret it. 

4) Like a Prayer - Madonna. I mean it's Madonna I feel like that should be the only explanation. Although I I do feel a bit basic saying this is my favourite album but Cherish is my song. I mean we'll just pretend she didn't call herself a minority and go back to her being the 80's pop diva we all love. 

3) Strangers in the Night - Frank Sinatra. I love jazz and blues music and I couldn't not put this album on the list. This album is amazing with sings like Downtown and Summer Wind make this album my favourite. 

2) Gypsies Tramps and Thieves - Cher. I love Cher because I think she's one of those great iconic divas that still have insane talent and who's music and careers will live on. Literally everyone makes fun of me and one time my friends told me she died as a joke and I nearly cried. I mean Cher is amazing and why it's funny beats me. Anyway this album is actually my favourite (closely followed by Heart of Stone) because I think it just sound so different to her other albums and has my favourite song Fire and Rain. My mum did say it sounded like it belongs in at a funeral but I think that just says more about me. 

1) 1989 - Taylor Swift. Before all my fellow swifties jump at me I've been around since the speak now era and I love all her albums I just didn't want this post to be called "reasons why I love Taylor Swift" but I chose this album because it has a song for literally all of my moods and I think they all tell stories. I know it sound stupid but it's such an amazing album and even better after seeing the tour. 

So these re my top five albums. Let me know in the comments what your top five albums are and we can share music reccomendations. 

Also my friend G (her full name is Georgia if you're fancy) has just started a blog giving you the overview everything political. if you enjoyed my last post you should seriously check her out at Trust me it's a good read and she's one to watch.

Speak to you soon, 
Love Georgie xxx


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